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Mick Cruz – Biography

Mick Cruz is a singer-songwriter whose musical style is a cross between traditional Country Music and a touch of rock and roll.  Since his CD “All of Me”, Mick has grown as an artist and it shows on his latest album “Ghost Town.”  On the album Mick enlists the help of some new friends from Los Angeles and New York taking this CD in a new musical direction.  Mick has created a new and fresh sound with the combination of rock and country. “Treat Me Like a Dog” is Micks first single of the Ghost Town album and was inspired by understanding the power a women has on their man.  “It’s funny what men will do when in love and when you love unconditionally.”  “The song was written with a funny undertone and not depicting men as dogs in the literal sense of the title.”  Mick is set to release his second song to radio soon called Ghost Town.  “The song Ghost Town is one of my favorites on the album.  I think most people will like the song.” The rest of the songs on the Ghost Town CD are a result of Mick’s dedication and to challenge himself as a singer and songwriter.  He’s been able to get his feet wet at the production aspect of making this CD and has enjoyed every moment.